Welcome to The Woo

Welcome to The Woo

Everyone wants love to feel good and be easy.

Love like anything else of value requires sacrifice and effort to sustain. When you love someone who has stood with you through the storms of life, your love evolves from a single strand of affection into multidimensional layers of brilliance that reflect your journey together. It is weaved with words that no longer need to be spoken and sacred intimacy.

It is a love that is deep. 

It has texture. 

It is a holy place. 

God uses circumstances to reveal His love. Sometimes those circumstances are difficult. But ask yourself…

How do you love someone that you haven’t shared experiences with?

How do you determine their dependability or trustworthiness?

How do you discover what brings them delight?

How do you know that they love you?

We all want love to feel good and be easy, but real love develops over time through triumph and tragedy. God employs the universe to bring us into the circle of His love. He beckons us to draw close, pleading with us to be vulnerable while assuring us that we are safe to do so. He offers Himself to us before He gently asks for our trust.

God is aware of how you feel about Him. He knows the root of your perspective. The greatest barrier to loving God is when we view His character through a distorted lens clouded by life experiences that left us bitter, hurt or confused. When this happens, we shy away from the very ONE who can heal the hurt and love us into wholeness.

If we choose not to love God, we lose the opportunity to love ourselves and miss an important part of our identity. Reciprocal love with God is the pure foundation that all other love flows from. 

The Woo is devoted to allowing God to love us and loving Him in return. Here we will also explore loving ourselves as God intended. Here you will find honest discussion and resources to aid in the development of a deeper relationship – a love fest – with God. You could not embark on a better journey. Your yes is all that is required.


Rev. La Keshia